How it works

Rental - Just 3 steps to choose from 100+ designs

1. Select the outfit - You can easily find your outfit using colour, material, and price as filters.

2. Book the time slot - Select your delivery date and the duration you want the piece for.

3. Rock the look - Feel the magic and power of renting. Get compliments every single time at a fraction of the cost.

4. Return & Review - Pick up and drop options are available and they are covered by us. Don't forget to write a great review.

Sharing - Monetize that idle ethnic wear! Apart from the money you make, help promote your culture and decrease carbon footprint.

1. Fill a short form covering basic details.

2. Upload a few photos of the piece.

3. Earn money every time a renter uses your piece.

4. Bask in the glory - you helped promote culture, decrease carbon footprint and your choice of clothing made someone look very very fashionable!